17 Crazy Celebrity Tattoo Fails

Let’s face it, people love celebrities…but when they make the rash decision to get a tattoo celebrating that love…then they might be in trouble, especially if they don’t pay up for quality! Careful with your obsession with fame, or you might end up with something like this!

hF9413426 This “Riahnna” tattoo speaks for itself…

2-1419971384 Priceless skin art of Mr. SHIA LABEOUF

BrUmE_EIMAAaWhL This guy loves him some Miley Cyrus

Carl McCoid, who is 40 (…) is famous for his collection of Miley Cyrus tattoos. He has a ridiculous 29 pieces dedicated to the pop star, with for sure a 30th soon on the way! Read more about him here!

article-2078115-0F43BD6700000578-286_634x636 DRAKE – for life…

5-1419971419 Don’t we all wish that Britney Spears moment was immortalized?

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 16.07.33 An elaborate dedication to Justin Bieber

Bieber-1419971457.png So many things to laugh at, so little time!

This tattoo isn’t actually on a Belieber…it’s on a fantasy football league loser! A league in Nebraska punishes the loser with a horrifically embarrassing tattoo designed by the winners…the highest stakes!!!

8-1419971473 The greatest Green Day tribute ever

9-1419971489 This is one Taylor Swift portrait you CAN’T shake off!

10-1419971503 “OMG a skatr boiiii” – This Avril Lavigne portrait

Bro-BT_IIAAbTE9 “Imagine all the wizards…” – John Lennon/Harry Potter Portrait

12-1419971519 This Deadmau5 tattoo will forever be timeless..

13-1419971553 Ashton Kutcher won’t be creeped out by this declaration of love..

14-1419971568 When you love the Jonas Brothers enough to get it on your neck!

Actually though, this mom got this piece to help her daughter win tickets to a Jonas Brothers concert from a radio station contest!

15-1419971585 Would anyone recognise these S Club 7 signature tattoos??

16-1419971605 This Tupac unicorn…I have no words

charlie-sheen Charlie’s own tattoo? Winning 🙂

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