Best Devil’s Tattoo Design 2011

Originally believed to be a sign of evil, devil tattoos have since grown in both meaning and popularity for both men and women. The feminine versions tend to be cherub-like figures with horns, forked tails and devilish smiles – suggesting mischievous personalities.

These tattoos out of this world, there are many different demon tattoos but the one in this picture is probably associated with the Japanese variety. Japanese demon tattoos come complete with a wide range of different characters, some sweet and innocent looking, some quite goofy and still others which are very scary.

Devils Tattoo Design

Devils Tattoo for Arm

Tattoo by Julie Card, New Moon Tattoo - ?Smoking Devil? by Coop - 2007.12.07

Devils Tattoo for Men


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Devils Tattoo on Arm

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Devils Tattoo

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