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History Of Tattoos 1

History Of Tattoos 1

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Compilation used for lesson. Students create tattoo designs based on one of four cultures.

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How to draw an Old School Ship Tattoo Flash Design, with Roses and an Anchor By thebrokenpuppet

How to draw an Old School Ship Tattoo Flash Design, with Roses and an Anchor By thebrokenpuppet

Click Here for some Awesome Tattoo Designs

How to draw a nice little bit of tattoo flash with an old school ship, roses, anchor and a banner. Classic, good fun piece I talk you through everything step by step in real time showing you how to draw, shade and colour the design. Enjoy!

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Mastectomy tattoos symbolize breast cancer survivor’s powerful story

Dana-donofree-of-anaono-intimates_photo-credit-nikki-riley-photographyDonofree regained her body confidence through a series of empowering tattoos after surviving breast cancer. Image: Nikki Riley PhotographyBy Marilyn La Jeunesse and Hayley Wilbur2015-10-06 23:04:08 UTC

Dana Donofree is taking back her body one tattoo at a time.

The lingerie designer and breast cancer survivor had trouble coming to terms with her physical appearance after undergoing a double mastectomy, reconstructive surgery and several sessions of chemotherapy at age 28.

“Getting a double mastectomy is not something you are ever prepared for at any age,” Donofree tells Mashable. “There is the cavalcade of emotional challenges, some of which you may never have really considered, like how attached you may actually be to your breasts.”

Dana Donofree of AnaOno

Donofree has regained her life after taking an unordina...

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Lady Gaga commemorates David Bowie with an enormous tattoo

2016%2f02%2f14%2f82%2fgagatattoo.460b8 2015%2f10%2f02%2f81%2f11254167_10.8443f By Heather Dockray2016-02-14 23:09:30 UTC

Lady Gaga has always been a fan of David Bowie, and now the proof is on her skin.

The artist is already well-known for her extensive tattoos. But on Snapchat Saturday night, Gaga revealed one of her most explosive tattoos yet: the artist David Bowie, tattooed along her side.

Gaga had already planned to honor David Bowie at this Monday’s Grammys.


“This was the image that changed my life,” she wrote on Snapchat. “Hail Mary full of grace Saint Bowie.”

The tattoo, made by artist Mark Mahoney of Hollywood, comes from a cover of Bowie’s album, Aladdin Sane.

Music, made by one of the kings, inked on the body of a Queen.


View the original article here

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Adam Levine’s back tattoo is complete, so we can finally sleep at night

2016%2f02%2f23%2fbe%2fadamlevineb.3daa7 Image: Mashable Composite. AdamLevine/Instagram.2015%2f04%2f09%2fc4%2f1.55a53 By Tricia Gilbride2016-02-23 15:35:23 UTC

You knew something was missing from your life, but you couldn’t quite place it. You spent late nights wondering if Adam Levine’s sugar would cure you, but no — you just needed to know that his back tattoo has reached its final form.

The day has arrived. Better yet, someone somehow convinced Levine to take off his shirt to display the winged mermaid burned into his flesh, which is holding a skull for some reason.

First, he Instagrammed a close-up.

A clue…

A photo posted by Adam Levine (@adamlevine) on Oct 7, 2015 at 3:08pm PDT

Then Levine shared another work-in-progress shot three months ago.

And now the full vision is realized...

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50 Tattoos That Prove Nerds Are Badass

Headshot_2015_christineerickson_1 By Christine Erickson2014-05-09 11:30:30 UTC

Pop culture has shoved the nerd typecast into its locker for decades, depicting comic book lovers and gamers as mouth-breathing neck-beards who hiss at the sun.

But hanging by your underwear on the flagpole is hardly worth a wince to today’s nerds. In fact, many are so tough, they’d undergo the pain and permanence of a tattoo just to show loyalty to their favorite series or character. Your swirlies are nothing in comparison to needles, bullies.

These badass nerdy tattoos will make you think twice about stereotypes. Not that it matters — they are far too busy schooling you in trivia night at the bar to care.

Spvxbsc ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l A6obwkx 1jcej ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l Eu9bt9s ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l Znokb8s ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l Fdka3ys ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l ?size=l Topics: Comics, nerds, Photography, pop culture, Beauty, Gaming, Watercooler if(window...

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Man with cartoon vacuum cleaner tattoo on his crotch is starting to regret it

HenryLewis Flint is regretting his Henry the Hoover tattoo. Headshot_2015_timchester_1 By Tim ChesterUK2016-01-13 11:12:39 UTC

LONDON — We all love Henry the Hoover. The little guy has long been the country’s favourite vacuum cleaner, shuttling around the nation’s carpets picking up dust and dirt and keeping things clean.

Not sure we’d want him tattooed on our crotch though.

Lewis Flint from Grimsby, Yorkshire, got a pretty large image of the popular cartoon character stamped on his lower stomach and nether regions, with a power lead trailing round his waist to his backside. He’s spoken about the artwork on a new episode of Channel 4’s Bodyshockers, explaining that the creation is starting to affect his love life.

“When I first got it done aged 16 I couldn’t stop getting it out,” he said...

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This service lets you frame the tattooed skin of dead loved ones

2015%2f10%2f08%2f30%2ftattoo.21b7c 2015%2f04%2f21%2f3c%2flindsey9855.49694 By Lindsey Robertson2015-10-08 20:42:50 UTC

If you have ever looked longingly at your beautiful tattoo and bemoaned the fact that it won’t last forever, there’s now a creative and slightly creepy solution for you.

The National Association for the Preservation of Skin Art (NAPSA) offers a service called “Save My Ink,” which allows you to save and frame pieces of your tattooed skin when you pass away. Because why should you let your artwork die with you?

tattoo 2

So, how does framing a piece of your own epidermis work? Well, in order to have one of your tattoos preserved by this unique service, you must designate a beneficiary, who will then alert NAPSA within 18 hours of your death. NAPSA will then overnight a special skin removal kit to the funeral home, along with the necessary paperwork.

tattoo 3


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What do you do with a culturally appropriative tattoo?

“What do your tattoos mean?”

When I first started getting tattoos, I enthusiastically jumped to answer this question. I loved to talk about my chest tattoo in particular. It looked like an ecstatic yin yang, swirling inward and exploding outward simultaneously. I would explain to others how it was an “ancient” Maya symbol that stood for their highest god, Hunab Ku, who was associated with the supermassive blackhole at the center of our galaxy. I loved how it looked and how others praised me for my “cultured” aesthetic.

Despite my intentions, this tattoo put my ignorance and privilege on full display.

In contrast to my enthusiasm, I knew nothing of Maya cultures, knew no one who was Maya, and lived on the west coast of Canada, on Coast Salish Territory, thousands of miles away from...

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Man with ‘F*ck Cops’ tattoo on his forehead is arrested by cops for armed robbery

Mugshot1 Lindsey-9855_1200_web By Lindsey Robertson2015-12-22 08:05:38 UTC

Getting a face tattoo is a bold move. Getting a face tattoo that insults cops is even more bold — especially if you happen to find yourself occasionally committing armed robberies.

Tulsa residents Paul Terry and Sonja Moro were arrested Friday for forcing their way inside Moro’s ex-boyfriend’s residence and demanding $100,000 from him. The man handed Terry his wallet, and called the police when Moro refused to leave.

He was able to give a description of Terry thanks to his extremely distinguishing facial tattoos, one of which read “Fuck cops.” (Blurring out is Mashable‘s.)


Moro and Terry are being held at the Tulsa County jail, and their bail bond is (rather poetically) set at $100,000.

The pair have also made history — because it’s certa...

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Man’s prosthetic arm doubles as a tattoo machine

After losing his lower right arm 22 years ago, tattoo artist JC Sheitan Tenet from Lyon, France, can finally start to draw again thanks to a newly modified prosthetic arm that also functions as his tattoo machine.

The steampunk-style tool, which some are calling the first tattooing prosthesis, was created for Tenet by French artist JL Gonzal utilizing an old prosthesis he no longer used, sewing machine parts and a record player, according to Motherboard. The tattoo machine is attached to the side of the prosthesis, and the controls and cables run the length of the arm so they don’t get in the way while Tenet draws. 

Tenet showed off his new machine at the Tattoo Motor Show 8 in Devézieux, France, where Tenet says people were blown away, and for good reason...

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This Guy Removed All His Teeth To Beat Record For Straws In Mouth

NEW DELHI, May 26 (Reuters) – An Indian man obsessed with setting Guinness world records got 366 flags tattooed on his body and had all his teeth removed so he could put nearly 500 drinking straws and more than 50 burning candles in his mouth.

Har Parkash Rishi, who claims to have set more than 20 records, now calls himself Guinness Rishi.

Cathal McNaughton / ReutersGuinness Rishi at his apartment in New Delhi.

Born in 1942 in a cinema hall in the capital, New Delhi, Rishi first got into the Guinness Book of World Records in 1990 when, with two friends, he rode a scooter for 1,001 hours.

The passion to get his name in the record book led him to perform some bizarre acts, including delivering a pizza from New Delhi to San Francisco and gulping a bottle of tomato ketchup in less than four min...

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