Cool Arrow Tattoo Designs

For many years arrow was one of the inseparable elements of tattoo designs. They are simple and quite flashy.   Arrow tattoos are not that dun since they can be depicted in various sizes and in various colors. Tattoo artists create many designs for arrow tattoos and generally they are simple and cute. It has fans both among men and women. There are small and large arrow tattoos that cover different body areas. They also have some interesting meanings that attract many people. Generally arrows symbolize simplicity, protection, taking a purpose and to move forward. Small arrow tattoos give you the opportunity of hiding them whenever you want, while larger designs may grab more attention. In this article we represent cool arrow tattoo designs special for people who are inspired by this ancient hunting tool.

Colorful Arrow Tattoo Designscolored ancient arrow tattoo 2015

colorful arrow tattoo on rib

colorful arrow tattoo on wrist 2015As we have already mentioned arrow tattoos can be depicted in many colors. You can choose the stylish watercolor style, the neutral black, blue and brown combo or any other color you like. These colors make your tattoo more fashionable and eye-catching. If you want it to be always in the center of attention you can get it on a noticeable body part.

Arrow Tattoo with Other Elementsarrow tattoo with a tiger image

arrow tattoo with feather

arrow tattoo with feathersYou can always combine your tattoo designs with elements that are associated with it and make it complete. For example, you can add feathers, compass, bones, images of animals etc. these tattoos may seem to bring the aim of arrows and the nature they have. You can color the design with different hues that are typical for the added elements.

Small Arrow Tattoossmall arrow tattoo on ankle

small arrow tattoo

small arrow tattoos for couplesThere are many options for small arrow tattoos each having it’s cuteness. There are basically worn on wrists, hands, fingers, necks and ankles. Though they don’t grab more attention but they look very pretty. There are cases when couples wear small arrow tattoos on their bodies. In a word they look awesome.

Simple Arrow Tattoo Designssimple arrow tattoo on back

simple arrow tattoos 2015

simple cool arrow tattoosIf you don’t want more detailed and complicated tattoo design you can choose a simple arrow or a group of arrows that portray the real image of arrows. They are depicted in different sizes depending on the chosen body area. The most impressive look can provide a group of arrows in a movement.

Arrow Tattoos with Quotesarrow tattoo with quotes

arrow tattoo with a quote

arrow tattoo with a quote 2015Since arrows have some meanings they can sometimes be associated with quotes, phrases or sayings. If you want to have an arrow tattoo that also brings out it’s meaning you’d better get a quote along with it on your body. The shape of this tool allows your quote make a great combination and be visible enough.


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