I’m from Hell, Open a Windle

Ok here is a full update of finished tattoos from the last 5 months or so. Well the ones I could get half decent photos of that is.

Finished Mikes Owl on his stomach, I also did is chest piece a year and a half ago, maybe longer?

Also did plenty of other owls!!!

Also did plenty of dot work/line work/mandala kind of stuff, which I always love doing, more please!!!!

tonnes of other cool black and grey work

Got a good healed pic of Santa Muerte I did a while back

Also finished and got a (mostly) healed pic (although a very bad one!) of this chest piece I started over 2 years ago

speaking of bad photos, here is a Rachel from Blade runner tattoo I did adapted from Paul X Johnson artwork I did

Did a couple of pet portraits

and a few of other cool animal tattoos

and here are a few other bits and pieces that I loved doing!

I also have plenty of new artwork I need to put up here, which hopefully I will be selling some prints off in the new year. Plus I’m hoping to spruce up this site a little soon.


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