Semi Realistic Sugar Skull Girl Tattoo Pencil Portrait Long Version

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Hi everyone, I am posting this slower version of my "Duality" sugar skull girl pencil drawing because a lot of people requested it, so here you go!

Since it's so long I didn't put any music on it, but this video is for those who were trying to learn from the other video but it was too fast so the music wasn't really necessary.
Check out the original video here:
This piece took about 34 hours total. I used HB mechanical pencils, 2H, 4B, 8B, and ebony pencils. I used toilet paper to blend.

The hair had to be the most challenging part for me, I wasn't really sure how I wanted to do it when I started, and I just kinda figured it out as I went along with it.

I have prints available of this piece in my etsy store:

You can see the sped up version with music here:

The actual time this piece took was about 6 hours.

Be sure to follow if you like for more painting videos! Let me know what you thought of this one, or what you would like to see me paint in future videos in the comments section!

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