Kanji Tattoo Designs

Kanji Tattoo Designs

Some people do not realise that Kanji Tattoos are from the ancient world of China and were introduced to Japan at a later point in time. It is now mainly practiced by the Japanese but is slowly becoming trendy for westerners to be seen with a Kanji style of tattoo.

One must admit that these tattoos are very appealing to the eye and they are unique in the fact that they can not just represent a letter from the alphabet but they can actually tell a whole story.

This is a great way to express yourself and display a meaningful part of your life on your body. This may also be suitable for people who love tattoos but do not want to give too much of themselves away by displaying tatts with a story of their life.

The problem with Chinese and Kanji tattoos is that most artist get the letters and meanings wrong and some artist may even put the letters on backwards. The last thing you want is a tattoo that you think has a special meaning when in reality it is saying something else.

The solution to this problem is really to use your common sense and investigate thoroughly the design and the tattoo artist making sure that they have experience with these designs and their meanings. You must also be aware of the fact that the designs can also have different meanings as the Chinese language and form of writing has had 4000 years to change and move across different countries like Taiwan and Korea.

The first thing you would really want to do is some research and find a good Japanese translator that can help translate the symbols and maybe even help you design your artwork. This way you are sure not to make the mistake of having the tattoo designed backwards.

You can also visit your local library where there are Chinese Caligraphy books available that might give you some ideas and help you put something together that really has a significant meaning to you. You may also find some Chinese or Japanese warrior drawings that will come in useful as a part of the design or even something that you can add to your tatt later on in time.

Another idea is to talk to an elderly relative of Chinese or Japanese friend and see if they can give you some insight and help in to what some of the symbols really mean and if this person knows you well, they can put some artwork together that really stands for the person that you are.

You can find some great Chinese and Kanji Tattoos on the internet for very minimal outlay.

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