The Most Beautiful Tattoo Ideas for Women

Beautiful tattoos for girls are plenty enough and the designs created special for girls differ from other standard tattoo designs. Today we’ll speak about the most beautiful tattoo ideas for women both in large and in small sizes. We’ll also represent the 3D style which looks more realistic. Generally the cutest tattoos for women are considered to be small tattoos that cover particular body areas and make them more attractive. They can be worn on the prettiest areas such as necks, shoulders, wrists, hands and feet. Bigger designs demand more space that’s why they can be worn on backs, ribs, stomach, forearms and legs. Depending on your design you can get either a single image or a more detailed one. Before wearing any tattoo each women should find a design that best describes her character, personality, nature and way of thinking. Since these designs are millions and as many women as many creative ideas, we offer you the latest most beautiful design for 2015-2016.

Creative Watercolor Tattoo Idea for Womenwatercolor tattoo for womenWatercolor tattoos recently became very popular. Their artistic nature inspires many women that appreciate the beauty of this art. Here you can see a unique watercolor tattoo design combined with a phrase that makes it more original and in many cases personal. This is a medium sized tattoo design depicted on a rib.

Butterfly Tattoos for Womenbutterfly tattoo idea on back

stylish butterfly tattoos

Butterfly tattoos for womenMore often as a first tattoo, women choose butterflies and get it either on their neck, nape, back, stomach or rib. They represent beauty, freedom and femininity. The more delicate your design the prettier it can look. The latest versions of butterflies are more improved and include more details. To bring a touch of attractiveness you can combine your butterfly tattoo with flowers.

Stylish Floral Tattoos for Womendandelion tattoo

flower tattoo 3D style

flower tattoo designs for womenAfter butterfly tattoos come floral tattoo designs that also look very tender and nice. They tend to bring a touch of femininity and have ethereal nature. Any beautiful plant can be depicted on your body and the most common areas for floral tattoos are shoulders, backs and ribs. It can be a flower, a dandelion or a cherry blossom tree.

3D Tattoo for Women3D eye tattoo design 2015

3D tattoo idea for women3D tattoos are the most impressive tattoos ever. Looking at a 3D tattoo one may think there is something real pasted on the tattoo wearer’s body. It can be any design that crosses your mind. From simpler designs to the most complicated ones you can get a smashing tattoo on your body.

Small Tattoos for Womensmall heart tattoo

small tattoos on wrist

small feather tattooAs we have already mentioned the cutest tattoo designs for girls are small tattoos. If you want to get your first tattoo, then having a small one is a great idea. There are various options for small tattoos and you can choose a design that looks pretty first of all, and describes your nature. It can be a small butterfly, flower, and a shape of a heart, stars and the alike.

So, these are the best tattoos that nay women can wear. According to your preferences and interests you can pick one the following designs.


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