The world is full of snakes

I managed to go through some photos this week for and update, so here are just a handful of tattoos that I enjoyed doing from 4-5 months back.

I got to do a couple of really cool panthers!

plus plenty of swallows

cool sailor jerry swallow and roses

a straight up swallow on the wrist

swallow and anchor

plus this ship with some little swallows

Did a couple of heart lockets

I still had plenty of variety to keep me busy

a pretty successful rose cover up

a cool scorpion walk in

this friendly looking king owl

a sad dagger girl

Also did some mexican/day of the dead stuff

Day of the dead kitty!

santa muerte

an evil sugar skull

Really had fun doing this piece, was a bit different, its shaded entirely with dots and lines. I always enjoy doing this kind of stuff.

I saw High On Fire last month, unbelievably good!

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